end of the roadStitched of 8 photos, Location : Cime de La Bonette - South France Dated : 7th of September 2010
Love will save the dayLocation : Home
GötheborgFactSheet * Length: 58.5 meters * Width: 11 meters * Height: 35 meters * Draft: 5.25 meters * Hull: Wood * Sail Area: 1964 m2 * Year: 2005 * Port: Götheborg * Flag: Sweden Photo taken on the first day Sail Amsterdam 2010, dated 19th of August 2010. Nikon D700 Nikon / AF-S VR 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED Location : Amsterdam - The Netherlands
There's nothing wrong with being shallowThere's nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you're insightful about it.
Tegalalang Rice TerraceTegalalang Rice Terrace
Pero beachLocation : Pero beach - Sumba - NTT
The morning coloursMy husband and I went driving around Kinderdijk. We got there and a storm was pouring down rain. We couldn't made some good shots. Finally we woke up early the next morning and driving around the river again, enthralled by the fog and the ray of lights around the village, tried to combine this picture in HDR from 3 pictures.
Sulphur mining at Ijen 3n 2Sulphur mining operation at Kawah Ijen, Java Indonesia.
Kanawa islandKanawa island is about an hour’s boat ride from Labuanbajo and is home to…nothing. Well, nothing but 14 bungalows, a few staff, 3 cats, beautiful beaches, pristine coral and crystal clear water. In short, paradise. The island is tiny. If there wasn’t a small mountain in the middle of it, you could walk round the entire place in probably less than an hour. The side where the bungalows are located is ringed by a thin, but fantastic white sand beach and just a few metres off the shore is some reall
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