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AU/UNSW South East Asia Campaign 2013 (CPM)
Sunset at Crystal BayLocated : Nusa Penida island - Bali
underwater at TulambenLocation : Liberty ship wreck Tulamben - Bali
Candidasa beachLocated : Candidasa - Bali - Indonesia
The morning coloursMy husband and I went driving around Kinderdijk. We got there and a storm was pouring down rain. We couldn't made some good shots. Finally we woke up early the next morning and driving around the river again, enthralled by the fog and the ray of lights around the village, tried to combine this picture in HDR from 3 pictures.
a silent momentSebelum pertunjukan Kechak dance..doa di panjatkan untuk menyempurnakan pertunjukan dan jalan cerita tersebut. Thanks atas semua attensi nya.
Right hereDated : 4th of September 2010 Nikon D700 Nikon / AF-S 24-70mm F/2.8G ED Cokin Z-Pro series: Z153 & Z121 L
Sunset at Kanawa island - FloresThe happiest memories are of moments that ended when they should have.
Our thoughts and prayers are with youI was deeply saddened to hear the news today. My thoughts are with you. My deepest condolences for 'Roy Chandra'
Art will never be able to exist without natureLocation : Sanur beach - Bali
'Muziek Gebouw aan het IJ'Located at the head of the Oostelijke Handelskade,Amsterdam. At its head-end the building has a large public concourse and functions as a public plaza. At the waterside is a wide square with an outdoor café on the water. The 24 meter high glass façade provides a panoramic view of the river IJ.
About natstravers
Full Name :
Suriani Nathalia Thamrin (Natstravers) (37)Female (25216)_BRONZE_MEDAL
Hometown :
Indonesia \ Bali \ Kuta
About Me :
Just an ordinary woman who lived in beautiful Bali island, Photography just starting in 2007 as a hobby . I have a constant need to illustrate how i see the world. My camera is my paintbrush and canvas. All photos here taken by me and processed by me. So any comments, good or bad, or even pointers on how to get my photos better would be greatly appreciated. If you like to use any of my pictures,Please kindly Contact me : nathalie@stravers-int.com
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