Morning GradationThe next morning we climbed into our assigned jeep and took a bumpy ride up towards the look-out. But the jeeps could only go so far, and we had to get out and walk up a steep, windy path. Location: Penanjakan 2 at Mount Bromo-East Java-Indonesia
securedOne of the fishing boats from Sanur beach,Bali. Taken a couple days ago during an early morning visit. Apologies for my lack of activity lately, just been really busy.
Bira beach viewAn image from Bira beach taken one quiet late afternoon last April 2008.
The Fullerton HotelExposure time 15s at F/22
Sunset at kanawa Island - FloresKanawa is a beautiful tropical island of about 28 Hectares, fully surrounded by natural reefs. It consists of two main white sand beaches and one small, hidden sand cove.
Lake BeratanEnjung Beji Resort is a beautiful cottages located at the lake Bratan (north side of Ulun Danu Temple - Bedugul Bali)
The Kawah Ijen calderaDescending into the Kawah Ijen caldera, a one-kilometer-wide acidic crater lake lies in the middle. On its shore, the sulfur mining operation
Kanawa sunsetLocated : Kanawa Island Resort - Flores - Indonesia
Bycicle along the canalIso 400 Exposure time 13second F 22 Semoga ga bosen dengan nite series ku. Makasih buat semua attensinya:))
Tanjung BiraLocated : Bulukumba - South Sulawesi
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